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Why IV Therapy?

IV therapy can be more effective at correcting nutritional deficiencies than taking oral supplements. IVs bypass the digestive system and head straight for the cell. For example, if you are low on hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes, you do not absorb all the benefits of oral supplements. Patients sometimes need intravenous IVs until their gut heals.

Generally, nutritional IVs contain vitamins and minerals. High doses of vitamin C are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and required for healing of tissues.

B vitamins are almost always included in the IV treatments because all the vitamins and their mineral co-factors are used heavily when there is illness to make enzymes.

Magnesium is good for many things including pain, muscle spasms, depression and migraine headaches.

A nutritional IV may also contain phospholipids to aid in cell membranes healing. Lipoic acid may be administered because it is protective and healing to the liver; it is especially good for hepatitis.

IV therapies put nutrients back into the body and improve the ability of cells to detoxify, repair and regenerate.

Many chronic illnesses & conditions stems from your bodies INABILITY to absorb and utilize nutrients that are required to sustain the health of every individual cell in your body; the entrance door is closed and nothing can get in.

On the back side, this means that your body is also unable to get rid of all the byproducts, “leftovers” & toxins, the exits are closed as well.

Intravenous therapies bypass the above blockades and help with their removal by strengthening all of your body’s cells and enhancing your detoxification organs.

The results can be profound – Dr. T

How to get an appointment:

IV’s will be administered on Wednesdays. IV’s must be paid for in advance by the previous Friday at 3pm. They must be formulated and expire quickly.

If you need bloodwork (Myers w/Vit C 25g only) stop by the spa to get your blood Work Requisition form. Once you are cleared by Dr. Topouzian you may proceed. Please understand this is your responsibility, if you order this IV and are not cleared by Dr. T you will not be refunded.

Once you are ready, call or stop by the spa to set up your appointment and pay for your IV or other injection.


Once you pay for your IV, you are all set. If you are unable to make your appointment, unfortunately your IV will go bad and a refund is not possible.

Injections are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are in stock, you do not need to prepay for these but an appointment is required.

IV Consent Form
Blood work Requisition Form
Male questionnaire
Female questionnaire

Myers w/Vitamin C 25g

Myers w/Vitamin C 25g – $239
(blood work required)
45-60 minutes to administer

You could benefit if you have any of the following:

Malabsorption, Brain Fog, Asthma, Fatigue, Morning Sickness, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Upper Respiratory Infections, Urticaria (chronic hives, Athletic Performance, Seasonal Allergies, PMS, Muscle Cramps, Anxiety, Accelerate healing of viral infections (Herpes, Shingles, Influenza, etc), Hangover, Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal.

Myers w/Levocarniting

Myers w/Levocarniting – $209

45-60 minutes to administer
You could benefit if you have any of the following:
Same as Myers w/Vitamin C plus this stimulates energy and fat burning. Brain repair (concussions, brain fog, poor cognition, memory loss, dementia)

Myers IV Push

Myers IV Push – $109
5-15 minutes to administer
You could benefit if you have any of the following:

Same as Myers w/Vitamin C, this is a smaller, quicker dose.

Immune Boost

Immune Boost – $229
(blood work required)
45-60 minutes to administer
You could benefit if you have any of the following:

Frequent colds, prevents colds and viruses, immune compromised, auto immune disease, on chemo therapy.

Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium Chloride 
You could benefit if you have any of the following:
Migraine Headaches, muscle spasms & twitches, asthma, anxiety, depression, rapid heartbeat, restless leg syndrome – $169
45-60 minutes to administer

Other Injections available

Other Injections available
appointment required

Lipo-B Fat burning shots contain fat burning amino acids which helps liver process fat to excrete fat soluble toxins assisting weight loss, detoxification and hormone balancing. Improves memory, mood, fatigue and prevents anemia. $25

B-Complex energy shots help to prevent headaches, improve energy and mood, balance hormones, supports adrenals, immune system and skin health. $25

The Immune Boost Shot – Engystol! A prescription-only homeopathic injection. Strengthens the natural immune response against viral infections including Influenza, Adenovirus, Herpes Simplex and RSV. Reduces recovery time and severity of cold & flu symptoms. Indicated for immune system support to reduce severity and duration of symptoms in viral infections, particularly in the early stages of colds and influenza-like illnesses. Cost is $35 and it lasts 4-6 weeks. Available for any age group. $35

Dr. Keri Topouzian

Keri Topouzian D.O., FAAAM, FACOEP Diplomate, American Board of Functional – Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Keri Topouzian is a Board Certified Physician that specializes in Functional, Regenerative and Anti-aging Medicine. He is a holistic physician that seeks out the underlying/root cause of illness, tayloring therapy to the patient’s bio-chemical unique individual needs. Specialties include IV< Ozone and Stem Cell Therapies, Natural Hormones/Thyroid utilizing compounding pharmacies, Nutritional Supplementation and Alternative/Holistic Therapies. Many therapies include new, old and forgotten science-based medicine. Dt. Topouzian has been practicing for 30+ years.

Dr. Topozian received his degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Kansas City University of Medicine. He is double-board certified in Emergency Medicine and is not board certified in Anti-aging/Functional Medicine.

Dr. Topozian works out of Revive Spa 2 days a month. If you are interested in an appointment with Dr. Topozian call his office in West Bloomfield 248-302-0473