Spray Tan

CT Sunless Airbrush Spray Tans

  • Color Perfecting Complex® Natural Colorant Blend matches all skin tones
  • Triple Moisture Sensation locks in moisture triggering a deep hydration
  • Bronzextend® Blend combines DHA and Erythrulose for flawless color
  • Bronzing Power Boost contains specially combined bronzing ingredients
  • Both delayed and immediate color to ensure ultra-dark color
  • Patent-Pending


Mobile Bronzer (CT Sunless Airbrush) or Mystic Spray Tan Booth


The Mobile Bronzer is a revolutionary, compact, and portable sunless tanning spray unit that delivers customized and flawless body-detailing for that "just from the beach tan". It features high volume, low pressure "soft" air application that delivers the highest level of sunless solution transfer to the skin for minimal overspray and improved coverage. Doctorate Certified Sunless Spray Technicians.




Mystic is the best known and most trusted name in UV-free tanning. The secret to a perfectly smooth, natural looking tan is MagneTan technology, a patented process that uses the body’s natural magnetic properties to attract the Mystic tan Myst to every exposed surface of the skin. Smooth, natural and even looking color. Fast and convenient.


Spray Tan Instructions


Before your Spray Tan: Eat a high protein meal before spray tan. Avoid high fat foods. Moisturize days before your spray tan.  Day of your Spray Tan: shower, exfoliate and shave. Use only products that are free of mineral oil, sulfates, parabens and perfume. NO shea butter, oils or moisturizers. Wear dark, loose clothing (any product on clothing will wash off).
After your Spray Tan wait 4-5 hours to shower (cool or warm, not hot. Do not use any products with parabens, sulfates as they will remove the spray tan. NO DOVE products. Pat dry, never rub skin.


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       Spray Tan Care

       The following products can lighten or make a sunless tan blotchy:

  • No mineral oils, no sulfates, no perfumes and use paraben free products.
  • Wait to shower at least 5 hours after spray (shower with warm or cool water not hot). Just rinse No Soaps, next showers we suggest using CT Sunless Body Wash.
  • A woman’s tan may develop differently during various hormonal changes such as ovulation, menstruation or pregnancy. It may be streaky, patchy, fade worse, or produce lighter or no color.
  • Anti-Acne products that exfoliate or dry the skin. Skin can also peel when using these products. Antibiotics or other medications that affect your skin can also affect your tan.
  • Anti- Aging products that “renew” or “refresh” or otherwise exfoliate skin
  • Band-Aid or adhesive tape applied to skin will pull tan off.
  • Wax or Depilatory hair removal products such as Nair, Veet or Neet.
  • Bars soaps, Try CT Sunless Body Wash instead
  • Body hair bleaching products
  • Adhesive facials strips or peel off masks, waxing or sugaring after spray
  • Bug sprays, perfumes, body sprays when sprayed directly onto skin can remove or fade the tan. Instead, spray clothing or spray a cloud of spray that you can walk through.
  • All lotions must be approved by tech. Try Step 3 Tan Extend Post Spray or lotion for everyday use
  • Dove soap and shower gel will fade tan faster on most people. NO DOVE PRODUCTS!
  • If you exercise and sweat heavily, your tan will fade faster. Especially in body fold areas... arm bends, knee bends, and between breasts We suggest CT After Sunless Powder for these areas prior to workout
  • During the winter months skin is often very dry and your tan will fade faster. Moisturize more often at least twice a day. Stay away from lotions with MINERAL OIL as its first few ingredients. Mineral oil as well as baby oil is both bad for sunless tanning.
  • When using make up remover cleaning products or oils used to clean away makeup. Rub very gently
  • Pat dry out of the shower NEVER RUB skin dry.
  • People with oily skin tend to develop a lighter tan than people with dry skin. The oils can coat the skin. Dry skin absorbs more products faster so the tan can look darker as well.
  • Shaving exfoliates the skin so also fades the tan. Use a sharp, clean razor with hair conditioner instead of shaving cream; or we also suggest Designer Skin No Apologies shaving cream.
  • Chlorine, if soaking in hot tubs or swimming, your tan will fade FAST
  • Toners containing alcohols in the top three ingredients listed are bad to use before or during the course of your airbrush tan
  • Use a soft mesh shower puff for daily washing and scrub gloves or loofas for exfoliating days
  • Facial masks and exfoliating. Try CT  Body Buffer Exfoliator prior to spray

CT Airbrush Spray Tan Parties!

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