Revive Spa Prices

Five Self-Spa Packages
Choose one that fits your lifestyle

Basic Self Spa
Unlimited use of Saunatox, Hydro-Derma Fusion, Red Light Therapy, Lumiere Facial, Osaki Relax Chair, Mystic Spray Tan, and  K-1 Vibration Platform
1,3,6,12 months:  $129 $359 $669 $1199

Platinum Self Spa
Includes all of the Basic Self Spa above,
plus all UV tanning units.
1,3,6,12 months:  $139 $389 $729 $1319

Unlimited use of Mystic Spray Tan.
1,3,6,12 months:  $89 $239 $419 $709

Mystic Platinum
Unlimited use of Mystic Spray Tan and
unlimited us of all UV tanning units.
1,3,6,12 months:  $99 $269 $479 $829

Platinum Tan
Unlimited use of Platinum Bed
(52 reflector lamps, 4 facials,
4 side and 4 shoulder lamps), and
Unlimited use of VIP beds (42 lamps, 3 facials) and Stand Up (48 reflector lamps).
1,3,6,12 months:  $59 $149 $239 $349

Unlimited use of VIP beds (42 lamps, 3 facials) and Stand Up (48 reflector lamps).
1,3,6,12 months  $49 $129 $179 $299

  • Add Self Spa Sessions to any monthly non-Self Spa Service package $25.
    Save $10.  (Floatation excluded)
  • Add K-1 to any monthly package for $15/month.
  • Student/Military $10 off any package.
  • Senior 60+ – $10 off any package.
    Spa Memberships
    Unlimited time/day use of equipment

$30 enrollment

Self Spa:                         $99 per month

Self Spa Platinum:         $109/mo. + 2.96 tan tax

Self Spa 3*                      $39/month ($13.00)

Self Spa 6*                      $69/month ($11.50)

Float 2*                           $79/month  ($39.50)

Mystic:                           $79/month   

Mystic Platinum:                $89/mo. + 2.41 tan tax

$20 enrollment

UV Platinum:                  $44/mo. + 4.40 tan tax

UV VIP:                          $34/mo. + 3.40 tan tax

Each Membership includes:

  • Unlimited use of that equipment
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • *Session added monthly, valid for 60 days. Includes “Bring a Friend” from the 20th-end of month.
  • Product consultation with 20% off at enrollment
  • $10 off Massages, Facials or Body Treatments (excludes Body Wraps)
  • 30% off first Facial if scheduled within 30 days of signing up
  • $10 off Full Body Airbrush Tans or a Float Session or Self Spa Sessions (save $25)
  • Free Level 3 Mystic Tans ($5 savings)
  • Member Appreciation Days product discounts
  • “Freeze” your membership for $5 per month (Frozen members may still get a
    Self Spa Session for $10 or a Tan for $5.
  • Add K-1 to any membership for $15/month.
    Add a spouse,
    child (at home or college), boyfriend/girlfriend, roommates, siblings to your membership for $10 less than original member price, when using a draft from original members account. Add on pays full price if original member cancels.

Student/Military/Senior 60+: $10 off Spa, Spa Platinum, Mystic or Mystic Platinum; $5 off Platinum or VIP.

Session Packages
(Must be used within 12 months)

Sessions     1        3         6          10

Float         $59   $149    $279     $449

Self Spa    $35     $79    $119     $159

Platinum   $12     $33     $60      $ 90

VIP              $9     $24      $45       $70

K-1 Platform Pay as you go for only $10/session


Buy 10 sessions, get 3 free
 Local Military – First Float is FREE!

Your Personal Oasis
is our mission

At reVive Spa you escape, for a little while, from your hectic lifestyle stressors and do something just for you. Revive your body, mind and soul with organic products and relaxing services. Rediscover your youthful health and fitness. Fight disease with full body detoxification. Reduce pain due to injuries illness or aging holistically, and rejuvenate yourself to a beautiful glow inside and out.


A Day at the Self-Spa
Devoted to You.

Four Services $79 – Three Services $69 – Two Services $59

Choose from Osaki Relax Chair, K1 Vibration Platform, Saunatox or Hydro-Derma Fusion, Collagen Building Red Light Therapy, Lumiére Facial, UV Therapy, Mystic Spray Tan

*Includes free samples:  Slender Serum for Hydro-Derma Fusion or Saunatox, M’Lis Products for Lumiére Facial, Viewkeepers & UV Lotion, Color Maximizer for Mystic Spray Tan.

Glow at the Spa $69  ($89 value)

 Hydro-Derma Fusion, UV Therapy
& Mystic Spray Tan

Mystic Cocktail $45  ($69 value)

UV Therapy & Mystic Spray Tan

Teeth Whitening $119  ($149 value)

Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

CT Custom Airbrush Sunless Tan

Body $60     Face $10 Upper Body$30
Legs $25   Shower $5

Host a Private Spa Party with Friends

Share two hours or more of full spa facilities with your friends. Includes mini-facials, therapist chair massages, Float Pod and all Self-Spa machines.
Complimentary snacks and beverages.
Two to three hours $325/hour. 
Four hours or more $300/hour.

Airbrush Spray Tan Party

A party of four or more includes snacks and beverages. Organize a party of 8 and you (the hostess) are FREE!