Self Spa Services

Hydration_StationDrench your body in vitamin-infused steam and infrared heat. A Hydration Station treatment will deeply moisturize your skin, improve tone and texture while increasing collagen and elastin production. LED light spectrum therapy helps soothe the senses while a vibratory, pulsing massage increases oxygenation levels to help fight off cellulite. Enjoy a Hydration Station session prior to any UV or UV-FREE tanning session and extend the life of your color.
Far_Infrared_SaunaDetoxifying is the most essential action anyone can take to start the process towards vibrant, energetic and youthful health. Enjoy our most intense Far Infrared therapy. Our Infrared Saunas help with detoxification, increase circulation, improve skin conditions, enhance your immune system, increase metabolism to help with weight loss and decreases muscle pain and tension to give you an overall good feeling.


Red_Light_TherapyRed Light is a simple and affordable rejuvenating alternative to laser or cosmetic surgery. Our Red Light Therapy service is designed to penetrate deep into the skin to reduce the appearance of aging skin, fine lines, crow’s feet, brown spot; as well as improve overall skin tone and texture and help reduce pain with beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. It works to enhance cellular metabolism, accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and stimulates the production of collagen- the foundation of smooth and healthy skin.


Cosmetic_Teeth_Whitening.jpgWe offer one of the most advanced whitening systems available today. Safe, fast, and convenient! Experience a brighter, whiter smile with virtually no sensitivity. Achieve 4+ shades whiter in just one session!


k1-vibration-platformIn just 10 minutes, it is possible to complete a whole body workout by simply stepping on to the Noblerex K-1 Platinum Whole Body Vibration Platform. Unlike any other conventional exercise routine, safely contract muscles 7 to 28 times per second; build stronger bones and muscles quicker and more efficiently. Raise the ceiling of your fitness potential. Significant health benefits include: increased muscle mass, improved circulation, more flexibility and range of motion, improved balance and mobility. It’s incredibly easy, efficient, highly effective and safe solution for all ages and fitness levels. Vibration exercise has been found to be 10 times more efficient muscle work than traditional rotational exercise.


Cyber_Relax_Massage_ChairRejuvenate, relax and refresh your tired muscles in just 15 minutes! Relieve stress, decrease muscle tension and increase flexibility. Designed for ultimate relaxation, Cyber-Relax Massage therapy uses a Point Navi Sensor to scan your body’s shape and posture to offer users 509 massage combinations.



lumiere-facialReverse the Signs of Aging. Lumière Excel Light Thèrapie has been clinically proven to stimulate the body’s own natural processes to significantly reduce periorbital wrinkles, firm, tone, improve skin clarity and boost collagen and elastin production. Clients that complete a single Lumière session immediately report: tighter skin due to increase in Glycosaminoglycans; softer, smoother feeling skin due to intense hydration and enhanced delivery of moisturizing topical ingredients; a more vibrant complexion due to oxygenation of the skin. Get the results you’re looking for!


Mystic Tan is the best known and the most trusted name in UV-FREE tanning. The Mystic Tan’s patented process offers flawless, deep, dark color in minutes that lasts 4+ days.


UV_TanningExperience the most premium UV tanning technology available in the area. Get deep, dark, long lasting color in any of our air-conditioned tanning units.


Stand up and Experience the most premium UV tanning technology available in the area. Get deep, dark, long lasting color in any of our air-conditioned tanning units.